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Currently, the following student projects are available. Please contact the responsible supervisor and apply with your CV and transcripts.

In case you have project ideas related to any of these projects, take the opportunity and propose your own project!

We also offer Master Thesis and or exchange semesters at reknown universities around the world. Please contact us in case of interest!


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ANYmal on Rollerblades: Design, Simulation and Control of a Rollerblading Robot

This project explores novel design, simulation and locomotion principles to enable ANYmal to perform gaits that mimic those used by human rollerbladers, for example those that combine walking or running with skating motion. Show details 

A Two State Information Filter for Legged Robots

The aim of this project is to implement, test and verify a two-state information filter (TSIF) for a quadruped robot and a walking excavator to estimate the pose and velocities of the robots, as well as model parameters such as inertias and location of center of mass. Show details 

Advanced Sensing & Control of 3-Phase PMSM Actuators

The objective of this project is to design an advanced sensing-plus-actuation system for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM) which will optimize the performance of a Motor Torque Controller based on the Vector Control principle. Show details 

System Identification of 3-Phase PMSM Actuators

The objective of this project is to develop algorithms which will enable the complete characterization of Actuators based on 3-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSMs). The algorithms are to provide accurate estimations of model parameters associated with the complete electromechanical dyna Show details 

Advanced Control System for 6-Phase PMSM Actuators

The objective of this project is to design an advanced control strategy for the commutation and torque control of 6-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM). Show details 

Note on plagiarism

We would like to suggest every student, irrespective of the type of project (Bachelor, Semester, Master, ...), to make himself/herself familiar with ETH rules regarding plagiarism

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